• Anri


    The company produces Anri wood works since 1912.
    Always in Val Gardena uses the work of the great masters sculptors, this made it possible to create objects of great artistic value, rare and beautiful.
  • Arnolfo di Cambio

    Arnolfo di Cambio

    Arnolfo di Cambio was born in Colle Val d'Elsa in Tuscany in 1963 and since then is the Italian leader in the manufacturing of glass.

  • Bing & Grondahl

    Bing & Grondahl

    Bing & Grondahl: old porcelain factory founded in 1853 by Danish sculptor Frederik Vilhelm Grøndahl and Herman Meier and Jacob Herman Bing.Grondahl
    In 1895 they had an excellent idea: to produce the first decorative plate dedicated to Christmas.
  • Bohemia Crystal

    Bohemia Crystal

    Bohemia Crystal: old brand that contradistingue production of crystal in the Czech Republic.
    The production of glass in the region of Bohemia, Czech Republic, dates back to Celtic times (IV-III c). The continuous evolution brings us up to date with the development of crystals unique and unmistakable.
  • Borbonese


    Borbonese is the historical brand which since 1910 is the Italian luxury worldwide.

  • Bordallo Pinheiro

    Bordallo Pinheiro

    Portuguese artistic porcelain since 1884

  • Brera 216 Italian Style

    Brera 216 Italian Style

    Object production in 925 silver in pure Italian Style.
  • Britto


    The originality, imagination, the joy in the neo Pop Art Brazilian artist Romero Britto.
    Painter, sculptor, screen printer Romero Britto has created works known all over the world that stand for joy and sympathy transmitted through the use of colors.
    Its main base is in Miami (USA) and has been appointed Ambassador of the Arts for the state of Florida.
  • Capodimonte Porcellane Artistiche

    Capodimonte Porcellane Artistiche

    The Capodimonte porcelain is a symbol of Italy, famous and sought after all over the world by the most demanding collectors.

  • Ceramiche Siciliane Ruggeri

    Ceramiche Siciliane Ruggeri

    Our love for Patti (Messina) brings to the world the hand-painted ceramics that celebrate the Sicilian spring every day of the year.

  • Cristal de Sevres

    Cristal de Sevres

    Cristal de Sevres: the most renowned French crystal since 1750, each piece is a masterpiece.
    Since then he has kept intact the perfect craftsmanship and the great creative sensibilities of their masters, always in search of perfection in the transparency of glass.
  • Dal Negro

    Dal Negro

    Dal Negro: an Italian excellence that produces yokes from the distant 1756.
    In the world his name is synonymous with the game.
    The products are manufactured with great passion by Italian craftsmen and stand for precision and attention to detail in the execution.
  • Duccio di Segna

    Duccio di Segna

    Duccio di Segna: since 1984 the Duccio di Segna creates art objects in high quality crystal.
    Continuity of tradition and modern technology combined with the experience of the glass masters give life to objects of excellent workmanship and design.
    These are the hallmarks of glassware Duccio di Segna.
  • Fitz and Floyd

    Fitz and Floyd

    Since 1960, Fitz and Floyd produces refined hand-painted ceramics, precious and appreciated.

  • Gabbiani Venezia

    Gabbiani Venezia

    Gabbiani Venezia: historical masterpieces craft where detail becomes magic.
    Each object is an absolute masterpiece, unique, is that good research efforts styling and construction and the great artistic sensitivity of Marina Gabbiani Ravagnan.
  • Henriette


    The collection of precious objects made to dress the house with pesonality, elegance and glamor.

  • I Muranesi

    I Muranesi

    The Murano: contemporary Murano glass
    Contemporary art of Murano glass masters is in the creations of the Murano.
    Combine the ancient knowledge of the master glassmakers to modern, minimalist design, this is the goal of The Murano.
  • Kosta Boda

    Kosta Boda

    Orrefors Kosta Boda AB is an old factory of glass processing which began operating in Sweden since 1742 in the province of Smaland.
    Its production is characterized by simple lines and the use of bright colors expertly blended by master glassmakers.
  • Limoges France

    Limoges France

    Limoges: since 1797 works in hard porcelain French famous worldwide.
    The production of Limoges porcelain is distinguished by the refined search for elegance and the use of precious materials like gold and platinum combined with a processing with an extreme attention to detail that makes each a unique creation.
  • Lladrò


    Lladrò: luxury craftsmanship appreciated and sought after all over the world

  • Longo


    Longo: jewelery on porcelain made in Italy. 
    The company produces porcelain Longo worked with the technique of etching and finished with decorations in gold, platinum and enamels creating works of gold on porcelain.
  • Morbelli


    Morbelli: the art of Italian Goldsmith on Porcelain.
    The company Morbelli was born in 1921 with the production of porcelain work with the technique of etching and finished with decorations in gold, platinum and enamel.
    For these beautiful works it is created the term "Gold on Porcelain".
  • Moser


    Ludwig Moser in 1857 was the founder of the homonymous factory Bohemian crystal.
    The Soffieria Moser is the ultimate expression of luxury of Bohemian crystal.
  • Noel By Lamart

    Noel By Lamart

    Noel is Lamart new project dedicated to the dearest moment of the year, when people gather and share emotions.

  • Palais Royal

    Palais Royal

    Palais Royal Fine Bone Porcelain: Fine Bone China porcelain creations.
    The Palais Royal Porcelain produces high quality type Fine Bone China objects are treated in detail for furnish their homes.
  • Paterna & Livi

    Paterna & Livi

    Paterna & Livi: great Florentine craftsmen who create beautiful works in silver.
    The company Paterna & Livi was born in 1956 to follow up the great passion of Umberto and Giancarlo Paterna Livi, craftsmen Florentine silversmiths.
  • Royal Copenhagen

    Royal Copenhagen

    Royal Copenhagen: founded in 1775 is the symbol of the famous Danish porcelain.
    It has always stood out for its originality and the high quality of its objects.
    His name is synonymous worldwide, exclusive porcelain.
  • WMF


    WMF: for over 150 years protagonist in the kitchen and on the tables.
    For those who want a hallmark at the table here are the services steel refined, modern, unique, exclusive.
  • Yalos Murano

    Yalos Murano

    YALOS Murano: Artistic Murano Glass in the name of innovation and tradition, two values that come together in these beautiful objects and representing the artistic production of modern Murano glass.
    Objects designed for the furnishings in modern environments, respecting the old tradition of Murano.
    The result makes each piece unique and unmistakable.