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Inside the shop you can find original gift ideas, from jewelery to porcelain, from crystal items to silver frames, unique wedding favors and original vintage objects of 60s, 70s and 80s.
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  • Silver

    In this category, then find photo frames, icons and pictures of the most prestigious Italian companies.

  • Glasses collection
    Glasses collection in Venetian glass of the most prestigious companies.
    Unique items for the most demanding collectors.
  • Bottles and jugs
    Bottles and jugs in glass or Venetian glass, exclusive items collectors to use for setting a table perfect.
    Made by craftsmen for the most prestigious global brands.
  • Favors
    Favors: exclusive items to remember moments.
    To remember in the best way a day or a particular event choose objects refined and exclusive.
  • Happy Easter
    Happy Easter everyone!
    The Feast of the Passover commemorates the resurrection of Christ and its symbols are the Easter egg and the dove.
    Since the Middle Ages the Easter gift were real eggs decorated with various design or with dedications or poems.
    Today we offer various kind creations made by artists of the most prestigious and oldest porcelain factories.
  • Bells

    Bells: funny, cheerful and functional, small items of furniture, great gifts or collectibles.

  • Carillon
    The carillon is a musical instrument invented in the eighteenth century and is present till today inside boxes, figurines, houses to other objects.
    Here Duilio find them in different shapes and sizes, the choice is yours.
  • Houses bright
    Houses with bright Christmas chimes.
    Beautiful, funny, made in china with interior lighting.
  • Centerpiece
    The centerpiece is an object that must be present on all tables to decorate and furnish your home or for use as a practical accessory for practical functions.
    Made of porcelain, crystal, Venetian glass or Murano, wider the choice shapes and various colors.
  • Bowls
    Cups and bowls of many shapes, colors and materials.
    Porcelain, crystal and Murano glass created by the most important Italian and European brands.
    Ideal for practical use everyday or just as a piece of furniture.
  • Photo frames
    Definitely very wide choice of photo frames ranging from silver to china.
    Definitely very wide choice of photo frames that vary from silver, porcelain, glass.
    For children, for special occasions or just to frame the moments we are most dear and important.
    These are some of the manufacturers we have chosen: Paterna & Livi, Midas Novart, Factory Silverware, Elite collection, Palais Royal, Romero Britto.
    We are spoiled for choice.
  • Figurines and Statues
    The most exclusive porcelain figurines, crystal and Venetian glass and Murano.
    Collectibles refined designed by the most important artists and products from the world's most prestigous houses.
  • Dal Negro games
    Dal Negro: an Italian excellence that produces games away from 1,756.
    In the world his name is synonymous with the game.
    The products are manufactured with great passion by Italian craftsmen and stand for precision and attention to detail in the execution
  • Lighting
    Lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers of unique design, exclusive items produced by leading global brands.
    Turned on or off are pieces of furniture suitable for the most exclusive homes, modern or classic.
  • Murano glass

    The old art of Murano glass masters.
    Gabbiani, I Muranesi, Murano Yalos, are some of the brands whose products can be find in our shop.
    Click in the menu on the left side and watch the show of colors of these unique items.

  • Christmas Decorations...

    The magic of Christmas is spreading through the house with bright colored decorations of Royal Copenhagen, Bing & Grondahl, Palais Royal and other major brands.

  • Objects

    Objects of various shapes as decoration or ornaments.

  • Watches

    Watches decoration wall or as an ornament.

  • Ice Bucket

    The basket buckets: a useful and beautiful objects to complete a set table.

  • Ashtray
    For lovers of tobacco ashtray is a must.
    It's crystal, porcelain or metal is not important, provided it is beautiful, and that particular furniture.
  • Cribs
    The crib is the ultimate representation of the birth of Jesus, is a must in Christmas decorations.
    In this section you can find numerous representations of various sizes and different manufacturers, the choice is there.
  • The Air Fresheners
    The air fresheners are essential furnishings to create a charming atmosphere, beautiful living, sending pleasurable sensations both in life and in special moments.
    The secrets of a good perfume is the balance of mixed fragrances, a right intensity of fragrance, long life.
    All these features can be found in products that Duilio has selected for its customers.
    A scented candle high quality manages to create a perfect charming atmosphere, magic that stimulates the sense of smell and the mind.
    The high quality wax used for the realization of Lladrò candles is consumed slowly without leaving residues.
  • Jewelry boxes
    Jewelry boxes of various shapes, colors and materials used as decoration or as elegant wedding favors.
    Porcelain, crystal and Murano glass always the most important Italian and European brands.
  • Tableware
    Setting a table with style and elegance is important to make a good impression with your guests.
    In this section we offer important services of crockery, glassware and cutlery, unique accessories to decorate in the best way to your table.
  • Cups and Teacups
    Mugs, cups, mugs quotidinamente use or for special occasions but also for pure collecting.
    Ina choice for every requirement made of objects sought, top design, always refined.
  • Teapots
    The art of tea is an ancient culture was born in the east and spread throughout the world.
    Here are proposals teapots, with or without internal infuser, containers necessary for the preparation and to serve in the best way.
  • Eggs
    Faberge-style eggs are a symbol of Russia.
    Originally they had been created by Febergè request of Tsar Alexander III in 1885.
    Since then there are specimens from the collection of various types and for all tastes.
  • Vases
    The vases were created to highlight and enhance the flowers inside the house, from simple containers have evolved and today they are considered as real pieces of furniture.
    There are many types that we offer, from the simplest to the most sophisticated design, made of crystal, Venetian glass or Murano, porcelain various types to satisfy the most varied tastes and find the right place even in various environments.
  • Trays
    The tray is not just a container to carry the items, a tray of original design and beautiful is an object that furnishes.
    For you a selection of trays to be used for the flow rates in the table, from breakfast or other use.
  • Valentine's day
    Valentine's Day is the celebration par excellence of lovers, an annual event celebrated all over the world.
    February 14 is the day when lovers exchange gifts and messages to declare their love.
    Discover the most exclusive and nice objects visiting the pages of our website, you'll find the most original creations.

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