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Setting a table with style and elegance is important to its guests.
Setting a table with style and elegance is important to make a good impression with your guests.
In this section we offer important services of crockery, glassware and cutlery, unique accessories to decorate in the best way to your table.


  • Risers
    The risers are of utlissimi accessories that decorate the table with style giving a touch of elegance.
    Indispensable on the tables the most important but also beautiful and comfortable for everyday use.
  • Glasses
    The set of glasses is essential to decorate the table giving their own style.
    They are often called the "flowers of the table" for the beauty.
    In this section you can find crystal glasses or French or Italian Murano glass, glasses individual collectors are in the section.
  • Dishes
    The dishes are the fundamental element for setting in the best way the table for special occasoni but also for the quotidianetà.
    Elegant dishes, original, happy are very useful to create a pleasant environment to spend time in harmony
  • Cutlery
    Cutlery that we treat are distinguished by the sober, elegant and practical use.
    We chose the brand WMF for quality assurance in materials and workmanship that make them unalterable.
  • Children set
    Tableware for children designed and produced by WMF German.
    The size and proportions are designed specifically for children because they too must feel comfortable at the table.
  • Place card

    Each one with its own seat at the table, cheerful and colorful placemats plate or placeholder.

  • Salt and Pepper
    The brings salt and pepper brings can not be missed on the table.
    Just like in life you can not stand without the pepper and salt.
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